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What Is Email Analytics Made Simple

by Ivan

Hey guys!

In this video, I show you around the GetResponse email analytics.

If you are doing affiliate marketing or online marketing, or ANY form of marketing… and sending emails… you need to be able to see who opened your emails, who clicked on your links, who unsubscribed… all information that our ClickMagick may not be able to dish out in such detail (since it only tracks clicks on our website and sales), but something we can do with this email analytics.

First, I walk you through the ‘opened emails’ tab under our ‘time-based autoresponders’, since those are the only autoresponders we have worked on so far. The key thing to take away from this is your percentage of opened emails… GetResponse says that the average open rate is 25%, so if you are way below that, you definitely need to fix something in your emails ASAP!

People choose to open and read emails for 2 reasons:

1) They like or trust the person they are receiving the email from, and
2) The headline is catchy

So if you are seeing very low open rates for your emails, either your headline is absolute garbage, your name and email comes off as being completely irrelevant to the topic you are emailing, or you as a marketer just haven’t built enough trust with your subscribers.
If that is the case, start working right about… NOW – review some catchy headlines and compare with yours, and review your email and landing page to see what the missing link is.

The results on this page are pretty straightforward – if you are seeing high email open rates for 9 out of 10 emails, then it’s pretty that everything is great except the title and content of that last unopened email.

Do your results, find the weakest link, and tear it down bit by bit. No rocket science, just common sense testing. Next, we looked at the ‘clicked on’ tab.

So our ‘opened email’ tab shows the outside – do people like what they see on the outside – ie. your email/name and headline. Our ‘clicked on’ tab shows what’s going on INSIDE your email. Is your content trustworthy enough that people actually click on the links you provide? Do the same analysis you have done for the opened emails list here.

If you are seeing a super low click rate everywhere coupled with a high open rate, then maybe you should work on your content inside the emails. Maybe the email you send out looks spammy? Disorganized? Unreadable? Is it only one email or many that people don’t click the links in?

If the problem is that they just don’t open the emails… then go back to our previous email analysis and rinse and repeat until you have an open and click rate of 100%. 🙂

The ‘unsubscribed’ tab is also extremely important because it usually tells the reason for why someone unsubscribed. In the worst case scenario, the reason will be ‘other’, not providing us with any reason we can hold on to and improve. But if the reason is ‘content not relevant to me’, or ‘does not have my permission’, then you need to immediately find the missing link between the emails and your landing page.

What is it that causes people to input their emails address and expect something, and then immediately unsubscribe saying the content is not relevant? Or if the reason for them unsubscribing is ‘does not have my permission’, make sure to indicate on your landing page that you will be sending them additional emails, because apparently your subscribers consider you arrogant for doing so without their permission.

That is about all for our main part of the email analytics tool on GetResponse.

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In the video, I do go over a brief overview of the other features, such as ‘goal setting’, or ‘reports’, but those are relatively straightforward.

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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