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What Is a Facebook Messenger Ad and How to Set It Up – Easy Step-by-Step Walkthrough!

by Ivan

What’s up?!

In this video, I show you how to create a Facebook Messenger ad.

This is not to be confused with the Facebook Messenger placement where your ad shows up in people’s Messenger messages. Although a Messenger ad can definitely show up there as well.

The first think you have to do is go to your Power Editor and click on ‘Create New Campaign’.

The options here are the same as for any other campaign objective – enter your title for your campaign, ad set, and ad, enter your bidding, and select your objective. Of course you will be selecting ‘Messages’ as the objective for this campaign.

After you do that, click on ‘Save to Draft’ and your campaign should be layed out for you, so you just have to go back in and fill in the blanks at the ad set and ad levels.

So once you do that, go to the ‘ad set’ tab and fill in the details for your audience. You can select the age, gender, interest groups, etc… for placement I would start off by having my ads show up only on News Feed and Messenger, and then branch out later on.

The first option that you have about ‘Sponsored Messages’ will only be available to you if you have messaged someone in the past, since you can only send out these messages to people that you already established a connection with and messaged. If you haven’t, that’s no problem – just make sure to select the ‘Clicks to Messenger’ option then.

Once that is done, the last thing we have to do is do the changes at the ‘ad’ level. The first part of it is the same as for any other campaign objective – you would enter the text, the headline text, add an image, and change the call-to-action button.

But the difference between Messenger ads and others is that you can change what you want to show up in the messages when someone clicks on your ad.

You have 3 options here – you can send out an automatic text & image, text & video, or just plain text. You can then customize the replies that the users would write out to you in the form of little bubbles. You can add several and these are replies that customers will automatically be able to click on upon clicking on your ad.

You can also add a chat bot to Facebook and therefore go a step above and have a reply in place for the customers’ replies… But I won’t be going over that in this video.

Also, instead of reply options, you can select to have a button in your message so that people can click on to perform some action (or simply go to your website).

Just remember than when you click on the ‘JSON’ version of that editor, all your data within this page will reset back to default and you will have to redo it – so just make sure you click on ‘Done’ and are happy with your changes before experimenting – Facebook is still a bit glitchy in this area.

The other cool thing that you can also do is personalize your message and have your message sent out to people with their first name, last name, or both in place. It just adds a nice little unique touch that can make a difference and make the interaction a bit more personal.

After you do that, you are done! Your ad should be sent for your review and should start running right away after it’s been approved.

If your ad is still flagged for some reason even though you know everything is filled out, try to log out and back in and keep trying to submit the ad – as mentioned it does get a bit glitchy and you just have to keep trying to save it and hope it works. Worst case scenario you can delete that campaign and start fresh. But it happened to me once that even though I had all my details in place, that campaign still would refuse to save.

Either way, I hope you found the video useful and this is a great way to connect with people on a more personal level, especially those that are farther down your funnel and/or you would like to sell high-ticket items to.

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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