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Unbounce: How to Create a Quiz

by Ivan

Want to learn how to create a quiz in Unbounce?

Watch behind my shoulder as I teach you to do just that.

Keep on reading or watch the video to learn more:

Unlike ClickFunnels, Unbounce doesn’t offer a quiz element, so we have to use a third-party tool to create the quiz ourselves and then copy and paste the code into our Unbounce page.

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You will also need to create a free account at Interact, a quiz making website.

It’s 100% free, and you can sign up for it here:

👉 TryInteract signup

That out of the way, let’s go through the steps now!


Step 1: Create a quiz

Head over to the Interact website linked above and sign up.

You don’t NEED to use Interact – but I found this to be the most intuitive quiz builder out of all the other 6 or so quiz builders I tried.

All you’re going to do is click “create new quiz” and choose a template.

Don’t worry about the colors – you can change them all later on.

Select your template, and then just go down the list from top to bottom in filling in the blanks.

On the left-hand side you can select which stage you are at – the results, the questions, the cover, and so on.

The cover is what shows up at the very start before someone takes the quiz.

You can add a good-looking image (Interact have an integration with a free image website) to attract attention too.

Let people know what the quiz is and what it’ll do for them.

Next, you would fill in your questions.

You can easily add or delete additional questions as you see fit, but type out whatever you think will qualify your prospects the best and give them some answer choices.

You can also add and remove answers as well – so super easy and intuitive to create a quiz here.

At the bottom of the answers, you’ll see an option that will say something like “correlation results”.

If you click on that, you will be able to specify which answer would correspond to which result.

Interact then does an internal counter where the results people see will be determined by the combination of answers to your questions they have selected.

Lastly, you need to create the results variations.

You can only do 1 result if you want – something like “thanks, here are your results” and then give people a choice to go to the website of your choice.

However you can also create several result variations and really fine-tune this process for your customers, showing only the most relevant results/website to them.

You can also add a lead gen option, and you don’t need to upgrade for this.

Simply toggle lead gen to “on” and customize the way you want your lead gen form to look like.

Then just add your autoresponder API key to here and when someone enters their email to your form, they’ll be added to your autoresponder list!

Let’s move on to step 2 now in this Unbounce quiz tutorial.


Step 2: Add the quiz to your landing page

Now you need to add the quiz that you created to your Unbounce landing page.

You can either add it as a quiz that shows up when someone visits your page right off the bat, or make it show up in a “popup” via a lightbox when someone clicks a button.

To do that, simply publish your quiz you created in Interact and copy the “Javascript” embed code.

Make sure you toggle the first 2 options on and make the code responsive to fit to the whole height of the container.

Then you’re going to take the HTML element in Unbounce and plunk the code you just copied into it.

Again, you can either add this as a standalone code, or create a button and add this code to your lightbox.

Before you finalize the quiz, you will have to save your work and see what it looks like to make sure that no parts are cut off.

Sometimes if you dont have enough space at the bottom of the HTML box element, it will cut off the results page a little bit.

Congratulations! You have now successfully added a quiz to your Unbounce landing page and can present custom-tailored results to your audience.

And that’s how you add a quiz to your Unbounce landing page!


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