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Unbounce: How to Arrange Elements Neatly

by Ivan

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to neatly arrange elements in Unbounce so that you don’t have to master your hand-mouse control and try to perfectly arrange the elements by eye.

This way would allow you to perfectly match the elements along the horizontal and vertical axes so that they can look professional and not out of shape.

The way we do that is simple and involves the positioning you see for each element on the right hand side of your page.

The 2 positioning dimensions are “L”, which stands from “left”, ie. how far an element is from the left of a section, and “T”, which stands for “top”, as in how far an element is from the top of a section.

The idea here is to proportionately distribute the elements so that there is an even distance from each other in regards to the height and width.

So if your “T” for an element is 20 for example and then next element below that is 60, then there is 40 pixels worth of space between the two elements.

So you would need to make sure the next element that follows these 2 stands at 100 “T”, then 140, then 180, and so on.

This would ensure an even distance from each other where you don’t need to eye them out with your mouse.

You also need to make sure that all elements are properly aligned on the “L”, so if you have an element standing at 20 “L”, the next element below that should also be 20, and same for all elements that come after.

And that’s how you neatly organize the elements! Same idea would apply to every other section of elements you want to tidy up.

That’s it!

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