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Unbounce: How to Add a Lightbox

by Ivan

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to add a lightbox to your Unbounce landing page.

A lightbox is kind of like a popup, but I like it more because you can edit this “popup” within the actual landing page builder.

With the popup, you have to create it in a different interface and then paste the code on your landing page – just a bit more technical and not as easy to edit.

But the process for adding a lightbox is quite simple.

(1) Add a button that will open that lightbox.

If you already have an email form, note that Unbounce only lets you have one form on the page, so you would need to delete that form if you want to use it in the actual lightbox.

But you would just add a button to your page and set it so that it takes people to a lightbox from the “go to” options.

Now you don’t have a lightbox created yet, but don’t worry… that’s the next part.

(2) Now that you added the button and are pointing it to the lightbox, it’s time to actually create that lightbox.

You should see a new tab in your editing screen that allows you to edit the lightbox when clicking on it. Just click on that tab and you will be able to edit the lightbox.

(3) So as mentioned, if you want to add your email submit form HERE, you will have to delete it from wherever else you have it since Unbounce only allows one form per page.

There is a way to get around that, but it requires code and I can cover this in another video.

But once you select this lightbox tab, you can adjust the height and width of it.

You can then add text, images, you name it!

In one of our previous videos, I showed you how to create an image gallery using a lightbox, so you would use the same concepts here to create your popup – the exact same buttons and elements you would use to create a landing page.

And that’s it!

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Once you create the lightbox, just save your page and that lightbox will show up whenever the corresponding button is clicked on – it’s that simple.

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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