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How to Integrate Thrive Themes With GetResponse

by Ivan

Want to learn how to integrate Thrive Themes with GetResponse so you can start sending out emails?

In this post, I show you exactly how to integrate the 2 products together.

Keep on reading or check the video out below:

If you still haven’t installed Thrive Themes on your WordPress website, check out this post to learn how to do that.

And if you haven’t even installed WordPress yet, check out this post to learn how to install WordPress on your site.

That being said, let’s get straight into the steps.


Step 1: Install Thrive Leads

This wasn’t mentioned in the video because we already covered it in the Thrive Themes installation video…

But make sure you install Thrive Leads to your WordPress by going into the Thrive products and checking the box for Thrive Leads and simply installing it… super simply step, not much else to be said…


Step 2: Integrate Thrive Themes with GetResponse

Now you have to head over into the Thrive dashboard and select the “API Connections” button.

This is where you will need to head into GetResponse, click on the little menu in the top-left corner, select “Integrations and API”, then click on the “API” tab, and copy the API key you are provided in GetResponse.

Don’t share this key with anyone – if you accidentally did and want to create a brand new key just click on the triple dots on the side of the button and click on “Regenerate” to create a brand new key.

Just paste this key back into Thrive Themes.

You have 2 options here – Version 2 and Version 3 – just paste the code in one of these and it’ll paste it into the other version automatically. Make sure to have the code for both of these just in case to make sure the integration works.

Once you paste the code here, simply hit “Save” and that’s it – let’s move on to the last part of adding the email integration to the actual page you want.


Step 3: Add the new integration to your specific page

Now that we integrated the two systems together, we have to go into the specific page we want to collect emails in and add the integration there, ie. choose our specific campaign and so on.

In our case, we just recently created a brand new 52.68% conversion rate landing page… so we’re going to select that page, click on our email submit form, and select the new integration we just added from the left-hand side.

You should see the new “GetResponse” there now if you added all of this correctly, so just select your specific campaign and your exact day of cycle you want to add people to, and that should be it.

Once you do all this and save your work and someone opts in to your page, you should be able to see the new contacts in your GetResponse account – as simple as that.

Was there something else you wanted me to cover in regards to Thrive Themes?

Let me know and if there’s enough demand, I’ll add it to the queue to make a video on!


That’s it!

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