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Unbounce Review (Overview of Price and Features) 2020

by Ivan

Looking to try out Unbounce and see if it’s right for you? This Unbounce review will help you figure out just that.

Sure, your website is great for providing information and giving visitors the chance to explore your services. What it’s not so great at? Converting traffic into revenue. 

Cue the mighty landing page. 

What is a landing page? In the world of digital marketing, this is a lead capture page that appears upon clicking a marketing promotion, email, online advertisement or search result. To generate the most conversions, it’s essential that these pages are tailored to deliver a powerful marketing message and get people to positively respond to your CTA. 

Unbounce is a landing page platform that lets you build any page from the bottom up using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. A couple of people have provided their unfiltered reviews on Unbounce, and today, I’m about to give you mine, so stick with me!

Users have their pick from over one hundred templates and can easily infuse personality and promise to their campaign vision with Unbounce. It is great for SaaS, agencies and e-commerce purposes. Some users have reported their conversions increased by as high as 70% when they made the switch to Unbounce. 

In this article, I want to elaborate on my personal experience with the Unbounce landing page builder.


The software is choc-full of easy-to-use features and helps users build effective landing pages very quickly. Moreover, these pages can very quickly be published. 


Drag-and-Drop Interface

Adding, removing or customizing any portion of the landing page is a breeze and can be done in just a handful of clicks – no coding knowledge needed. 


Over a Hundred Templates 

The platform is flexible in that it allows users to either create a landing page from the ground up or go cherry-picking from an array of diverse and intricate high-converting templates that are especially tailored for a wide range of industries. 


Mobile Responsive

Users can toggle between the desktop and mobile layouts of their landing page to make sure every last element on the page is ship-shape. 


Fully Customizable

Every element in the chosen template is customizable, making it much easier to design for conversions and stay true to your brand’s colour palette. 


WordPress Compatibility

Users have the choice to publish their sticky bars, pop up boxes and landing pages to their WP site with the click of a button using the plugin; without a DNS record or CNAME. 


Add and Manage Scripts

For those coding whizzes out there, Unbounce has plenty to offer. Users can add custom scripts and pixels and apply these across the board to several landing pages at once. 



Unbounce is a great platform, specifically for people who are new to digital marketing and need the leg up. Because these templates are industry-specific, it’s easy finding one that is perfect for your business. 

The platform is super intuitive as well. The makers of Unbounce examined over 60,000 landing pages that drew in 75 million visitors and deciphered what works and what doesn’t. Those same discoveries were then masterfully incorporated into the pre-built templates. Think of it this way, you’re getting to benefit from another person’s research, and skipping the whole trial-and-error process. 

Many people wonder just how much creative flexibility they can enjoy when creating these landing pages. Through using the platform myself, I’ve realized that you’re the boss when it comes to the final product. Each element is easily manipulated, meaning you can add text, marketing blurbs, CTAs and images without much ado. 

A huge advantage is that the page, once published, will look exactly like how it does during the creation process. That way, you won’t have to perform any trial runs to make sure all is as it should be. 

Moreover, Unbounce gives you access to widgets, custom backgrounds, over 800 fonts, parallax scrolling and more – putting you in the driver’s seat. 



The software is available in three pricing iterations;

  • Essential ($79 USD/mo) – This includes the basic tools needed to build, test and fine-tune so as to access better conversion rates. 

Landing Pages: 75

Sticky Bars and Popups: 8

  • Premium ($159 USD/mo) – This is a scaled-up version with twice the amount of landing pages, sticky bars, and pop-ups. It also includes AMP landing pages, sub-accounts for customers and premium integration features. 

Landing Pages: 150

Sticky Bars and Popups: 16

  • Enterprise ($399 USD/mo) – This is thoroughly custom designed to suit your precise requirements. It also gives users the option to pair with a customer success manager and launch specialist so as to optimize ROI. 

Landing Pages: over 375

Sticky Bars and Popups: over 40


Increase Your Conversions By Over 50% With an Unbounce Landing Page

Landing pages are a hard thing to master. What you need is a winning formula. Why not take advantage of a platform that’s designed to build actionable, engaging and high-conversion landing pages in minutes?

Don’t quite know where to start? Don’t worry! In this video, I explain how you can create a landing page from scratch with Unbounce. Check it out!

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