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How to Add a Teespring Promotion Code (2020)

by Ivan

Want to learn how to add a Teespring promotion code to your campaign?

Keep on reading or watch this video to find out!


If you read any book on persuasion or landing page optimization, you would already know that exclusivity in the form of limited-time promotions can be very helpful in increasing your conversion rates.

If you haven’t read the book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini, you can read my review on it in this post.

That being said, let’s go over how to add the promotion code to your Teespring listing…


Step 1: Create the promotion code

On the left hand side of your listings page, or the top right corner of your Teespring account after you log in, click on “promotions”.

Here is where you can create your promotion code and send it out to people for use.

You can enter any alphanumeric combination in the first box, or you can allow Teespring to randomize it for you. Don’t worry about capitalizing every letter either, as Teespring will do that for you automatically.

After that, you can choose whether you want this to be a discount or a free US shipping offer. The US shipping costs about $3.99, so that’s how much you’ll be saving people by selecing this option.

Keep in mind that you can’t set a discount too high, or Teespring will not let you publish. So make sure the discount is enough to attract clients, but also low enough for you to still make good profit.

Now you can set the exact discount amount if you chose to go with discounts rather than free shipping. You can go with a percentage discount or a dollar-off discount and there is no right or wrong answer as to what you should go with.

In our example, we go with a 10% discount as it’s big enough to attract clients, but small enough to still make good profits.

You can also set an end date for this promotion, which can definitely add to the exclusivity factor and cause people to want to buy faster before the promotion expires.

Just make sure to stick to this end date, or it won’t look good on you if you set one date, but then keep adding/changing it later on – that would cause you to lose credibility and just backfire.

After you do all that, you can click on “Add Discount” and now the discount will be active.


Step 2: Add the Teespring promotion code to your listing link

In order to actually use this discount code and allow people to get the discount, you need to send them to the URL that contains this Teespring discount code.

So if your Teespring URL is www.teespring.com/my-shirt, then the URL with the promo code added would look like: www.teespring.com/my-shirt?pr=YOURCODE

Upon clicking this link, the discount is immediately applied and the user gets a popup letting them know that they received a discount.

Another way to provide the coupon code if you don’t want clients to click on that pre-made URL is to tell them what the coupon code is, and then allow them to enter that code on the checkout page.

When a visitor adds your shirt to cart and is about to finalize the purchase, there is an option to “add coupon code” on the right-hand side of the page.

Once a user adds the code there and clicks on “apply”, the price will be adjusted right away and the discount will be visible.

And that’s how you add a Teespring promotion code to your listings!


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