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My 108 Proven Split Test Winners by Russell Brunson Review

by Ivan

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What’s up?!

In this video, I give you my review of the book ‘108 Proven Split Test Winners’ by Russell Brunson.

Just like all the other content by Russell Brunson, I am not disappointed, as it is full of value and provides information the entire way through.

It is basically a collection of proven split tests done by Russell Brunson and/or fellow entrepreneurs, compiled in a book to show everyone. In my previous video I told you how to conduct split testing within ClickFunnels and how important it is – if you are looking to gather some additional split testing ideas, this book is perfect for you as it gives you tons of suggestions for what you can split test.

The reason why I really like this book is because it gives concrete examples of what to split test and shows specific statistics proving which variation does better than the other, along with an explanation. This is super useful and you can use this to model on your own website. I have done a review previously on the book called ‘Convert Every Click’ by Benji Rabhan, and my biggest issue with the book was that for every single facet of increasing conversions, Benji’s reply was to ‘split test’.

I was looking for some concrete ways to increase my conversion rates, and this is something the 108 Proven Split Test Winners delivers. I also love how it is very simple and easy to read and can be read anywhere, so if you are waiting for someone at an appointment or in a car, this would be the perfect read for you, as you can easily be distracted and still maintain your reading place, unlike a novel where you can get so deep into the storyline that you would get really irritated with any distraction if you are in the middle of some important plot point.

My only one criticism about the 108 Proven Split Test Winners is that in some split tests there are several things that are being changed at once, making it difficult to figure out what it was exactly that caused the increase/decrease in conversion rates.

For example one of the split tests has a variation that has social media icons and the pre-frame bridge removed, as well as a different headline color, resulting in a 10% increased conversion rate. My question is – what exactly caused the increase in conversion rates from the control to the variation? Was it the removal of social media icons, removal of the pre-frame bridge, or the change in headline color? It is difficult, if not impossible to find out in this case due to all the confounding variables in place. However from a previous review, we know that the pre-frame bridge is incredibly important in setting up your customers for conversions, so I doubt the removal of the pre-frame bridge is what caused the higher conversion rates.

But this is really my only concern for the 108 Proven Split Test Winners. Aside from this and as mentioned already, the book is very easy and simple to read, and definitely incredibly helpful to you whether you are a beginner or expert marketer.

If you want to try it out for free (may need to pay for S&H), you can get it via my affiliate link at http://signup.simplestfunnelbuilder.com/splittests/wp for no extra cost to you. It is for sure a great read if you are an online marketer running split tests.

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