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Microsoft Ads Tutorial: Complete Step-By-Step (NEW 2021 Interface!)

by Ivan

Watch behind my shoulder as I show you around the Microsoft Ads tutorial with the new 2021 interface.

Keep reading this article or watch the video below:

This is their remake that they are planning on releasing hopefully in 2021 to everyone, so I want to show you around so you get an idea for where to find everything.

In this video I show you:

1. How to create a new campaign
2. How to set up conversion tracking
3. How to create audiences
4. General overview/lay of the land.

So let’s get into it!


1. How to create a new campaign

First of all, to see whether you have the new interface enabled or not, you can click on the little gear icon in the top right corner of your old interface and click on “Use the new interface” if you have that option (it should be the first one).

You should also see a little option at the bottom of the screen asking if you want to try the new interface.

If you select the option, you’ll be taken to the new Microsoft Ads 2021 interface and all of your campaigns will be available here.

To create a new campaign, simply click on the “Create new campaign” option and just fill in the blanks.

I have an entire course devoted to Microsoft Ads if you want more details on all the different options here, and you can check it out here.

But basically you’ll be going through the 3 campaign levels – the campaign level, ad group level, and the ad level.

Everything is 100% the same in terms of setup – the only difference is with the actual interface and the feel of it.

Once you create your campaign, you’re ready to move on to the next part of the Microsoft Ads tutorial!


2. How to set up conversion tracking

Setting up conversion tracking is extremely important – you must be able to tell whether you’re getting returns for your ad spend or not. And no Microsoft Ads tutorial would be complete without this part.

To do that, we have to set up the Microsoft Ads UET tag.

Simply click on “Tools” in the top portion of your interface and select “UET tag”.

Click on “Create new tag”, give it a name, and just paste the code given to you on every page of your website.

In our case, we’re using the Google Tag Manager, so we simply take our UET tag ID and paste it in.

Then, click on “Conversion goals” from the “Tools” option at the top of your interface once again, and enter the website you want to track as a conversion.

For example in our case we wanted to track how many people signed up to get my free guide at ivanmana.com… so the URL we entered to track was “thank-you-download”.

In other words, as long as that part was in the URL that the person landed on, a conversion would be recorded in the Microsoft Ads conversions column.


3. How to set up audiences

If you want to do any sort of remarketing, you have to create audiences first.

Once again, click on “Tools” at the top of your screen and then click on “Audiences”.

You would do the exact same thing you did for the conversion tracking – enter the URL of the pages you want to count as audiences.

For example you can create a list of people who went to your home page but didn’t sign up; or people who went to your home page but not another page, and so on.

One of the most common audiences you can create is the cart abandoner audience.

These are people that initiated checkout but didn’t complete the purchase.

To use these audiences, you would then go to your campaigns and select the Audiences tab on the left-hand side.

You can then include and exclude audiences that you set up – as simple as that!

That’s pretty much it for this Microsoft Ads tutorial with the new 2021 interface.. but let’s quickly go over a few other options here.


4. General overview/lay of the land

So the interface looks pretty similar to the Google Ads interface.

You have all your tabs on the left-hand side, such as the campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and so on.

Then you have all your tools like the keyword planner, Microsoft Ads Editor, Microsoft Ads Intelligence tool, shared budgets, labels and so on.

I invite you to play around with these settings and just see what they do.

Most of them aren’t used often at all and just used occassionally once or twice.

And that’s it for this Microsoft Ads tutorial with the new 2021 interface!


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