Easy to follow roadmap to setup paid ads on Microsoft

Stop wasting time...

12 Billion Buyers Are Waiting To See Your Ads

Microsoft Ads are today’s biggest untapped source of income. Did you know Bing.com has 12 billion eyeballs searching a month?


So why isn’t everyone churning out ads?


Because trying to figure out Microsoft Ads on your own


is like trying to make sense of an upside-down map..

..So many routes. So many options. It’s intimidating.

While you spend hours trying to cobble together a strategy, your potential customers are shopping elsewhere.


I can help you change all that…


Just look at how a winning ads system on
Microsoft can 10x your business...

Save Time And Stress

Spend less running ads that attract an audience who are ready to buy. Start from scratch, then easily track, analyse and tweak your ads until they run like clockwork.

Reliable Sales

When you’re able to see exactly which keywords, ads and campaigns bring you leads and sales, you have a proven reliable system you can use to scale and generate more profits every month.

Passive Income

You’ll create more freedom in your business and your life when your business is growing through paid ads. Once you have the system running smoothly, you can check-in once or twice a day and watch sales roll in.

Why is this class so different?

I’m Ivan,

Let me show you how adding Microsoft Ads can boost your business, just
like it has for me.

I generate a full-time 6-figure income working from home running ads. Just a few years ago I would never have dreamed this would be possible.

I knew ads could be the route to my success but they aren’t easy. I spent frustrating hours each
month trying to figure out ads on my own...

...And when that didn’t work, I bought classes from gurus that still didn’t share what I needed to know.

I learned the hard way. I messed up! I lost money and wasted hours. So, when I finally cracked open my system for scalable ads, I knew I had to share. That’s why this complete step-by-step guide to Microsoft Ads is unlike all those other courses out there.

If you are determined to make a great income from affiliate marketing, or you have an offer you can’t wait to sell, this program is for you.


The Complete Step-By-Step Masterclass for

Microsoft Ads on Bing.com

Go behind-the-scenes of my ads building system and copy the exact process

I use to create winning Microsoft ads campaigns.

When you master Microsoft Ads you can:

Factor in an extra $$$ (add figure) a month in sales, even while you soak up the sun by the pool

Work the hours you want, from home (or anywhere) and never answer to a boss again.

Repeat this success over and over with new offers and new audiences to ensure you always have income coming in.

Why is this class so different?

How well this proven system works

Ivan just has a knack for it! I started two courses on Jan. 10. By Jan 14 I had my MS ads account up and running with ClickMagick tracking. It wasn’t about rushing. It was because I felt capable and empowered after the courses. GREAT STUFF!!

David Fortson

Been through the Microsoft course, skipped portions I thought I would not need immediately. Your sincerity comes through. And thank you for the awesome stuff you put together

Ajay Joshi

Got my first few sales with the Bing Ads course! And I only bought the course a few days ago 😊 Love it! Time to optimize further 😁 Thanks Ivan Mana for being a guru that actually DOES what he teaches lol.

Dan Khan

I had some ads running but they had only a 5/10 quality score. I watched the video about raising our score and got them to 8/10. Learning a lot.

Jacqueline Rankin

Inside my proven step-by-step masterclass you’ll discover...

Over-the-shoulder walkthrough classes so you can complete your first Microsoft ads campaign in one afternoon.

How to set up ads from scratch that drive sales.

Ways to monitor your ads to know what is and isn’t bringing you leads.

Pay half of what your competitors pay per click when you understand how to use ad auction, rank, and quality score functions.

Identify the best keywords and bids for your business

Secret tricks for improving your ads with extensions, targeting and tracking.

The easiest “one-click” way to access an untapped market and make more money if you are already running ads on other platforms.

Course Content

Section 1 - Introduction

Introduction (1 min)

Why Use Microsoft Ads? (2 mins)

Create Your Microsoft Ads Account (9 mins)

A Note About Coupon Codes (2 mins)

Section 2 - Before We Get Started...

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Do This Before Running Your Ads… (2 mins)

Quick Overview of Some of the Advertiser Terms & Conditions (6 mins)

Section 3 - Creating Your First Campaign

How to Create Your First Campaign (30 mins)

Expanded Text Ads Will Be Gone Soon – How to Create the New Responsive Search Ads (8 mins)

How to Create Your Landing Page With Unbounce

Quick Overview of the Columns (13 mins)

Ad Group Best Practices (5 mins)