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Kody Knows *Bing Ads Training Course* Review

by Ivan

Hey all!

In this video, I go over Kody’s Bing Ads Training course and whether it’s worth your buck.

I go over 5 dimensions and rate them on a scale of 1-3.

1 meaning that dimension is absolutely horrible and there’s nothing to talk about, and 3 meaning the dimension is there and in excellent quality.

The 5 dimensions are:

  1. Author credibility
  2. Content quality
  3. Content breadth
  4. Support offered
  5. Price – is it worth it?

So let’s start from the very beginning!

1. Who is Kody?

Kody is the “Bing Ads Expert” and has been working on Bing ads for at least the past 2 years and a half.

I have been following him when he first started and saw him discover successful methods until he finally released his course.

He is a legit person and I spoke with him on Facebook numerous times as well as YouTube. He has always helped and supported me and my questions and I learned a ton from his very first Bing ads course he released.

Now, he expanded it with his new knowledge and you can see how diligently he has been working these past few years to right “the way” through his YouTube channel and first course.

So, for Kody’s credibility, I’ll give him a 3/3!

2. Is the course full of useful content or is 99% of it stuff you don’t need?

Nothing special to say here – Kody gets straight to the point in every one of his videos.

He knows how to make online and he lays it out flat for you to see and learn.

No BS, no motivational speeches for hours, just pure ‘how to make money with Bing’.

I have taken numerous courses in the past (I’ll probably make some reviews shortly) and was extremely frustrated and disappointed at how MOST of them waste your time with useless motivational talks that you don’t need and just waste time to make the course appear longer.

Kody’s goal is not to make his course appear 10 hours long – his goal is to provide all the information needed in the shortest period of time.

I can totally respect that and that adds immensely to the quality of the course.

For this, I’ll give a 3/3.

3. Does the course only cover a small component or teach you everything you need to make money with Bing?

Kody covers everything you need to make money on Bing, everything from signing up to the good affiliate networks, setting up your custom domain, setting up tracking, and finally promoting on Bing.

He doesn’t skip anything relevant, and if you just follow the course from start to finish and follow the steps, you will find success the same way Kody has.

In short, 3/3.

4. Is the support there?


Kody responds very quickly to any inquiries, whether it’s through his Facebook or YouTube channel.

If you look at the Facebook posts on his group, you can see that he posts updates almost every day – that shows he’s commited and cares about you and wants to make sure you succeed by taking his course.


5. Is the pricing fair?

Well, after reading the other 4 points, this is pretty self-explanatory.

You can potentially make an unlimited amount of money using the knowledge shown in this video.

Is that worth the measly $297 that this course is worth? I would say definitely.

Given all the information presented earlier, I think it’s a nobrainer.

If the course was scammy and had tons of BS, then of course not, no matter what “potential” is promised.

But because this course is legitimate, $297 is nothing compared to the knowledge contained within.

So definitely a 3/3 on the price as being very reasonable and fair.

That’s it!

Here is a link to Kody’s course if you want to check it out:


Kody’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcPZa8opsKZNRTMgjFnHNQg

Kody’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KodyKnowz/

Hope you enjoyed the review and let me know what other courses you would like me to review!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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