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How to Style Your Text on Social Media (Like YouTube or Facebook Ads)

by Ivan

Want to learn how to style your text on social media (when otherwise it would be impossible to do so)?

Look no further because in this video, I show you how to style you text on any social media, such as Facebook ads, YouTube descriptions/comments, and so on. This is a cool and simple way to draw attention to your content without being too upfront about it.

You simply have to go to this website and type in whatever text you want.

You can then choose whatever style you want to have on that text, copy it and paste it to whatever platform you want it on.

?? ???? ???? ??? ??? ????, ?? ??? ???? ???? ????.

Pretty unique, huh. ?

This is amazing for getting more attention to your post since not everyone knowing about this option.

I don’t even know why YouTube doesn’t add this option in the description already as it would just make the descriptions that much more organized and better looking…. but regardless, you can use this shortcut for now.

Coupled with the other post I made on adding emojis, it can make for a powerful post/description on your social media where it wouldn’t be available otherwise.

So make sure to use this option to the max!

That’s it!

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