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How to Make a Sales Funnel With OTO Upsells and Downsells in ClickFunnels

by Ivan

Start making your sales funnel: 0:39

Adding your product to ClickFunnels: 4:46

Adding the proper button links to your OTO pages: 7:19

What should be my layout if I have more than 1 upsell and downsell offer?: 14:27

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to create a sales funnel in ClickFunnels with OTO upsell and downsell products. OTO stands for one time offer, and basically allows the customer who goes through your funnel to purchase another product after buying your first one (and going through your sales and order form page). It’s really useful because once the customer bought, they are in the mood to follow through with their purchase and buy as much as is shown to them if they believe it will provide them further value. The OTO’s make it really simple for the client to purchase, since all they have to do is click on the purchase button you set up, and the money will be immediately charged from their card they provided on the order page! This makes it incredibly convenient for the customer so they don’t have to keep on putting in their card details to make every new purchase.

Even though ClickFunnels makes this funnel creating process incredibly simple, you would still need to set everything up correctly for the funnel to properly function, and that’s what I’ll be doing here with you right now!

The first thing we need to do is to create our funnel. We could start from scratch, or we could go to ‘create new funnel’, and click on ‘make a sales funnel after collecting leads’ option. This will create a landing page, sales page, order form, order confirmation form, and thank you page for us. In order to make our OTO upsell/downsell funnel, we will need to have our OTO offers immediately following the order form so that the credit card can get charged once and then doesn’t have to be input again for the consecutive orders.

After we do that, we will have to create some products for the OTO pages so that we can actually link them to the order confirmation page and interconnect the OTO pages together. You can do that by clicking on your upsell/downsell page, and then clicking on the ‘products’ tab your mid-right. You will need to include the name, dollar value, and any additional custom text you want to appear for that product on the order confirmation page. The ‘bump’ feature allows you to upsell this very product on the ORDER FORM page, but you can only have 1 bump product for your funnel.

Now that you created your products in ClickFunnels (assuming you already have them in your shopping cart platform), you will need to add the commands on your OTO pages to connect them together. In our example as we start, we only have the upsell and downsell page, so our goal is to make it so that if people say yes to the upsell page, they are taken to the order form confirmation, SKIPPING the downsell page, and if they say no, they are taken to the downsell page page. No matter they say on the downsell page, we need them to immediately get to the order form confirmation page.

The way we would do this is with the commands ‘yes-link’ and ‘no-link’. If you are using ClickFunnels editor V.1, you will need to use these, and say ‘yes-link’ if your visitors agreed to purchase the OTO, and ‘no-link’ if they did not. In ClickFunnels editor V.2, you will still need to use these if you are hyperlinking text, and not using a button. On the button however, you should see the option to either ‘not accept product’, or to ‘add product X to cart’.

If you have more than 1 offer on a certain page, such as either offer A or offer B (whichever the client prefers), you would have to say ‘yes-link1’ on the first product and ‘yes-link2’ on the second so the confirmation order form will have either the first or the second listed. If you have more than 1 upsell and downsell page, you just need to ensure that your downsell page is always just below the upsell page, and your next upsell page just below the downsell. Keep repeating this if you have multiple OTO pages and just put in the same exact ‘yes’ or ‘no’ links to your buttons!

That’s it!

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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