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How to Install Thrive Themes on Your WordPress Site (2020)

by Ivan

Want to know how to install Thrive Themes on your WordPress website?

I cover exactly how to do that step-by-step in this post.

Keep on reading or check out this video to learn how to install Thrive Themes on your site:

And if you haven’t installed WordPress yet… check out this post to learn how to do that.

That being said, let’s go into the steps!


Step 1: Sign up for Thrive Themes & download the plugin

The first thing you have to is of course sign up for the Thrive Themes membership and install the plugin.

You can sign up for the Thrive Themes membership here.

What I like about Thrive Themes is that it’s cheaper than ClickFunnels or other landing page builders as it costs only $20/month if you sign up for the yearly plan.

But the main reason why I like Thrive Themes is that they are a WordPress plugin – which means you will be able to fully customize your website for blogs/content, while at the same time having a very easy drag-and-drop builder to use with it…

So it’s really the best of both worlds – kind of like a cheaper “ClickFunnels” with all WordPress capabilities.

So simply sign up to Thrive Themes and then download the plugin they provide you with. Now let’s move on to the next step!


Step 2: Add the Thrive Themes plugin to your WordPress site

So by now you should have the Thrive Themes plugin downloaded on your computer.

Now what you have to do is go back to your WordPress site, click on “Plugins”, then “Add New”, and import this new plugin that you downloaded straight into your WordPress site.

Once you do that, click on “Activate Plugin”, and you will have to select what exactly you want to install inside of your WordPress account.

You will have to sign in as well, so just go ahead and do that.

Once you do that, you will have a choice of what exact Thrive Themes products you want to download.

For the purposes of this video, just select Thrive Shapeshift and Thrive Architect – we can go over other elements in the next videos.

Once you select your products, click on “Install” or “Next” and wait for the products to install.

You can always come back and install new products if you want to later on.

But once you do that, let’s move on to the next step and actually customize our theme!


Step 3: Set your Thrive Themes theme

Now all you have to do is actually set your theme in Thrive Themes – their product “Shapeshift” allows you to quickly and easily choose every single element you want based on how it looks – so you don’t have to just select one “theme” and be stuck with it – you can alter and select any element you want and then edit it again later on.

So if you go to the Theme Builder, you would start the process.

Go through all the different parts of a page – the header, the footer, the body, the sides, etc…

You can choose how every one of these elements will look like based on pre-determined templates. However you can always come back and change the template OR change the actual layout of it – it’s just a template that you can edit later on.

Go through all the items on the dropdown list on your left-hand side and then head back into your WordPress dashboard. In the next step, I’ll quickly go over how to edit each individual page with the Thrive Themes Architect builder.


Step 4: Edit each individual page with Thrive Themes Architect

If you want to edit any specific page or pages, simply go to your pages tab, and when you hover over the page you want to edit, just click on “Edit with Thrive Architect”.

This will pull into the Thrive Themes drag and drop builder where you can now change the layout of any of your pages by adding the elements from the right-hand side.

In one of my upcoming videos, I’ll be showing you how to create a landing page from scratch with Thrive Themes, so stay tuned for that.

You will also have to integrate Thrive Themes with your autoresponder software like GetResponse or AWeber for example if you want to start collecting an email list, so keep your eyes out for that as I’ll be going over that as well.

Was there something else you wanted me to cover in regards to Thrive Themes?

Let me know and if there’s enough demand, I’ll add it to the queue to make a video on!

That’s it!

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