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How to Download Teespring Mockups of Your Products

by Ivan

Want to learn how to download mockups of your Teespring products?

Keep on reading this article or just watch the video below to learn how!

Haven’t created a Teespring listing yet? Check out this post to learn how to do that.

But generally, it’s pretty simple to do, so let’s go through the few steps:


Step 1: Open your Teespring listing

The first thing you have to do is open your actual Teespring listing – not the edit version, but the complete listing.

So either open the URL if you have it, or just click on the listing from your listings section.


Step 2: Save the Teespring mockup

Now all you have to is right click the front OR back side of your listing and click on “copy image URL”.

Then you’re just going to take this URL and paste it in a new browser tab.

If the Teespring mockup is too small, you can increase the size by playing around with the dimensions at the end – the 1000/500 for example in the URL.

You can also set the image to have a transparent background if you save it as a PNG file as opposed to the default JPG.

So at the end of the URL, just replace the “jpg” with “png” if you want a transparent background.

Although I’ll be frank – it doesn’t usually work for me and the background stay visible.

Once you’re happy with what you have though, simply right-click the new image and click on “Save image as” and then save that file.

You can now use this image anywhere you want to, including Facebook advertising!

Check out the article teaching you how to create Teespring page post engagement ads here.

And that’s how you download mockups of your Teespring products!


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