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How to Become an Unbounce Affiliate and Earn a Great Revenue!

by Ivan
Unbounce affiliate program

Are you looking to earn extra cash as an affiliate marketer? The Unbounce affiliate program is your golden ticket! 


What is Unbounce? Unbounce is a user-friendly platform that lets you build professional landing pages with an easy-to-navigate editor; no coding knowledge required! 


As a freelancer or small business, you don’t have all the time in the world to split test and figure out the formula for high-conversion landing pages. Unbounce simplifies the process in that it allows users to pick from 100+ landing page templates that have been created by experts through meticulous trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t. That saves you having to do the research yourself. 


Users have reported that their conversions increased by as much as 70% when they made the switch to Unbounce. As you can tell, it’s gaining immense popularity. 

This software offers marketers a great opportunity to grow their business through one of several ways;


Revenue Sharing

“Turn Referrals Into Revenues” is Unbounce’s Partner Program tagline. 

This program lets you earn as much as 20% of the recurring revenue for every new client you refer to the platform. So if you’re a marketer, agency or influencer with a substantial following, definitely give some thought to this opportunity. 



Marketers may recommend Unbounce as their landing page builder of choice to their fellow marketers, grow their reputation and earn big. 



Agencies will find that the Partner Program helps with their credibility, elevates client retention and opens up an exciting revenue stream. 

You have the option of recommending clients through a stand-alone account to help them oversee their own pages and watch as those conversions roll in. That way, you get great rewards for your rock-solid expertise. 



Influencers can solidify their reputation in their community by partnering with a reputed company like Unbounce and earning a tidy sum to boot!


How to Start Earning

Unbounce makes the process super easy for affiliate marketers. You have to sign up for the Partner Program on the website, whereupon you will be assigned a URL. Through this link, the people you refer will get 20% off for the first 3 months. Once their payment is confirmed, you get a 20% cut for life for each new client who comes to Unbounce. 


What Happens When You Join

When you sign up for the program, you get a dedicated partner coach that answers any concerns about your URL, payments and more. To keep track of your progress, the dashboard oversees all referrals and displays every click vs every reward you earn. 

You aren’t left to figure anything out for yourself. Besides these steps, Unbounce preemptively offers insights into the entire process through resources and promotional material that you can find on the website. 


Integration Partnerships

Yet another option to become a partner. Unbounce lets you integrate your application with their API. For script-based applications, the platform affords the opportunity to have that featured on its official integrations page. 



Through opportunities like joint webinars, guest posts, case studies, and the occasional summit, Unbounce is willing to partner up with established people in the field to deliver content to a shared audience. 


Now’s Your Chance!

Earn 20% of the Recurring Revenue For Every New Client

It starts today and it starts with Unbounce! If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be happy to help out a fellow marketer. 

If you need a little more information about the platform, I recommend checking out this video.

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