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How to *ALMOST* Direct Link Affiliate Products on Google Ads (2021)

by Ivan

Not having success direct linking affiliate products like ClickBank on Google Ads?

Keep on reading or watch this video as I show you how to ALMOST direct link ANY affiliate product on Google Ads in 2021.

So if you have done any sort of affiliate marketing, you know how hard it is to direct link with Google Ads.

Ad disapprovals, site suspensions, account suspensions are just some of the issues a lot of people have faced when trying to direct link on Google Ads.

ClickMagick customers apparently experienced the same issues, for which reason ClickMagick even introduced ClickMagick campaigns as a way to solve this problem once and for all.


Part 1: Why you can’t direct link on Google Ads

There are 2 reasons why direct linking on Google Ads causes such an issue.

1. Some of the affiliate offers just don’t have good sales pages to be able to direct link to.

Take a look at “Resurge” for example – one of the most popular ClickBank products.

Their sales page consists of a giant video followed by “buy now” links.

What do you think a customer will think who lands on this page after typing in “how to lose weight”?

They will have absolutely no idea what this page is, what it’s about, and they’re DEFINITELY not ready to buy yet.

However this is nothing compared to the 2nd issue with direct linking on Google Ads…

2. Google for some reason hates tracking links in the tracking template.

Some people are able to set this up successfully, but this is HIGHLY unreliable as a lot of other people have said that their accounts were banned using the tracking template in Google.

As a result, we need to “direct link” in such a way that avoids the tracking template altogether.

And here is how we’re going to do it…


Part 2: How to properly “ALMOST” direct link on Google Ads

The solution is to create a landing page in between your ad and the affiliate offer.

And we can create a landing page in such a way, that it looks pretty damn close to the actual affiliate sales page.

So if someone clicks on your ad and sees your landing page, they will simply be one click away from the vendor’s sales page.

You can use any landing page builder you like, but I’m using Unbounce for many reasons, such as their dynamic text replacement feature which can help boost quality scores, and their flexibility and control in building out pages.

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Regardless, you want to use SOME landing page builder for this.

In Unbounce, what we do is copy the image of the video on the vendor’s sales page and use that as an image on OUR landing page.

This image says “click here to watch video”, and when someone clicks it, they will be directed to the vendor’s sales page.

We also added a button right underneath this video telling people to click it to watch the video.

HERE is where we CAN add our affiliate links without issues.

So just take your ClickBank or whatever network affiliate link you’re using and plug it into the video and the button underneath it.

Also, make sure to add your own custom domain so that your URL doesn’t say “unbouncepages.com” as it would for everyone else.

👉 How to set up your custom domain with Unbounce

I also strongly suggest you actually track this whole process, and you can do it with ClickMagick, a third party tracking tool I’ve been using for the past 4 years now.

👉 How to set up ClickMagick campaigns

For the privacy policy, terms of use and so on, you can also just send people to the vendor’s corresponding legal pages instead of making your own (if you’re too lazy).

So this is THE closest way to “direct link” on Google Ads without getting in trouble from Google.

And this is how you *ALMOST* direct link affiliate products on Google Ads in 2021!


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