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How to Add Google Ads Conversion Code to Teespring

by Ivan

Read this article to learn how to add the Google Ads conversion tracking code to your Teespring account.

Follow along with me and let’s get this done together step-by-step and keep reading or watch the video below:

Let’s get straight into it!


Step 1: Open your Teespring code section

Log in to your Teespring account and click on “Marketing” on the left-hand side.

Then select the “Google” tab and this is where we’ll be adding our Google Ads conversion tracking code to.

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Step 2: Add the Google Ads code into Teespring

I’m going to assume you already have your Google Ads conversion event set up and so not going to delve too deeply into it.

If you don’t know how to create the Google Ads conversion event, check out this article.

But basically, you’re going to grab the code provided, say that you’ll “install the code yourself”, and then click on the Google Tag Manager tab.

From here, you’ll be provided with the Google Ads conversion ID and the conversion label ID.

Grab both of these and paste them into the corresponding sections in your Teespring account.

Hit “Save” and that’s pretty much it! Let’s go into the last step of adding the Google Ads conversion code into your Teespring account.


Step 3: Add the “Conversions” column in your Google Ads

This step isn’t needed to set up conversion tracking, but that’s what will allow you to see whether you made any conversions or not in the first place.

So in your Google Ads interface, click on “Columns” and make sure to add the “Conversions” option to your column list.

Now when you make a sale, you’ll be able to see it in your Google Ads stats!

And that’s how you add the Google Ads code to your Teespring account!


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