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Google AdWords: How to Create Your First Campaign (UPDATED FOR NEW EDITOR!)

by Ivan

Hello everyone!

In this post, I guide you through creating our first Google AdWords campaign/ad group/ad in the new editor since the old one will soon no longer be usable.

The reason for why there are 3 ‘levels’ is because we are able to split up and diversify our ads across different dimensions – the campaign level is generally different in terms of… everything – age, gender, geographic location, time of ads, etc… The ad group is generally different based on keywords, and the ads differ only on ad copy (title, description, URL).

The first step we need to take is to actually create our first campaign, and we do that by clicking on the little plus sign on your main Google AdWords screen – just make sure that you select ‘campaigns’ from the tab on the left-hand side.

You will then need to select your campaign type. For the purpose of this video, I will go with the search network campaign and go with traffic generation.

You will then need to create a Google AdWords campaign name first, and I would recommend naming it specific to what dimension you will be running ads in that campaign to. So if you are focusing on males age 50-64 in this campaign for diabetes, I would suggest naming your campaign something related to that, because it will get messy later on when we mass product and copy paste our existing ads and campaigns over and over again with different dimensions to test out.

You can choose whether you want to show your ads to only Google, or their partners as well by checkmarking the box that says ‘Google partners’.

You can also choose whether you want to show your ads using the display network as well. With the display network selected, your ads will be shown on various websites that you don’t have control over, so your traffic generation is likely to be far higher – but not as targeted.

You will then be able to select the geographic location and language you want your ads to be displayed in.

Next, we will need to select the budget and the bid. You should set your budget equal to the amount of money you will be OK with losing assuming you don’t sell anything at all that day. Don’t start throwing in tens of dollars if you know absolutely nothing about your niche!

In regards to the bid, this is the amount you set that shows how much you are willing to pay per keyword for your ad to be displayed to others. You are not the only person in the world selling something and targeting a specific keyword – so Google places bids to determine who gets the winning spot for their ad to appear. The higher the bid – the higher the chances that you ad will be displayed, and also the faster you are to run out of your budget. Remember, a bid under the ‘CPC’ bidding option is a cost PER CLICK, so make sure to set the bid wisely!

You can either use manual bidding, where you set your own bid, or enhance bids based on clicks or conversions. This allows Google to play around with your bids and increase your bid at certain intervals if it finds that someone is close to clicking your ad.

Don’t worry too much about the extensions as I won’t cover them in this video – but you can learn more about them in one of my previous posts by clicking here.

Next, we move on to the ad group. Simply select the keywords you want to trigger your ad and click next. Also make sure to enter your keywords with the appropriate match types as you see fit. You can learn more about keyword match types in the following post by clicking here.

Last but not least, we arrive at the ad. Make your headline and description prominent and visible to the users to tempt them to click. Also include a call-to-action as that is essential to drive actions to your site. But after you do that, you should be good to go and you can always review and make changes to what you made using the tab menu on the left hand side of your AdWords account.

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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