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Google Ads are a powerful way to grow your business

Afterall, Google gets 3.5 billion daily users.
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If you want to learn how to create ads the easy and reliable way, I have just the thing for you:


The Complete Step-By-Step Masterclass for

Google Search Ads Mastery

Get the exact system I use to make thousands of dollars from paid ads every month.

Course Content

Section 1 - Introduction

Introduction (1 min)

Why Use Google Ads? (3 mins)

Create Your Google Ads Account (3 mins)

A Note About Coupon Codes (2 mins)

Section 2 - Before We Get Started...

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Do This Before Running Your Ads… (2 mins)

Quick Overview of Some of the Advertiser Terms & Conditions (6 mins)

Section 3 - Creating Your First Campaign

Overview of the Account Layers (4 mins)

How to Create Your First Campaign (25 mins)

How to Create Your Landing Page With Unbounce

Ad Group Best Practices (7 mins)

Ad Best Practices (11 mins)

How to Split Test Your Ads (4 mins)

Split Testing Best Practices (8 mins)

Section 4 - Keywords

What Are Keywords & Why They Are Important (3 mins)

4 Keyword Match Types & How to Edit Them (15 mins)