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How to Segment Conversions In Google Ads

by Ivan

Want to learn how to segment your conversions in Google Ads?

I explain how to do just that in this post.

You can read on, or watch this video to learn how to do that:

Basically, let’s suppose you want to track all kinds of different conversions in your Google Ads account – how the heck do you do that?!

So let’s suppose you have a conversion that tracks optin, tracks sales of products A, B, and C, and a conversion that tracks phone calls to a number – all on the same exact campaign. How are you able to see ALL 5 of these conversions under the same campaign in Google?

It’s simple – just click on the “segment by Conversion Action” and that’s it!

This is how you segment conversions in Google Ads – super simple.

You will start to see all the different conversions compiled under one campaign/keyword/ad group, you name it.

That way you will be able to do more efficient ROI calculations as you will be able to see which campaigns generated the more important conversions, such as purchases.

You also want to make sure that if you have some conversions that aren’t listed in your “All Conversions” category that you want to add that you select the “All Conversions” column as well. That way you’ll see every conversion that you have, not just ones that you indicated you want to see in the list.

That’s it!

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