Facebook Ads: The Complete Step-by-Step Masterclass

This complete Facebook Ads course will take you from start to finish in mastering

Facebook Ads with no fluff, BS, or hour-long motivational talks.

I’m Ivan,

and I have generated a full-time 6-figure income working from home running ads on a variety of ad networks, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads.


Everything is on point and relevant to the topic at hand – mastering retarketing.


We will be taking one step at a time, going over the very basics and ending with the advanced.


Whether you are a business owner or an affiliate that wants to learn how to utilize this incredible power of repetition to your advatage, this course is perfect for you.

Facebook has almost 3 billion monthly active users – this is an absolute gold mine of an opportunity for you to attract new clients to your business.

This course is designed for anyone who is to brand new to advertising online or Facebook retargeting. I walk you through everything you need to know in a simple step-by-step manner, explaining everything we go over in as much detail as possible.

If you want to learn what it takes to succeed with Facebook Advertising, then I invite you to enroll into this course and get started driving traffic to your website!

So let’s get started and by the end of the course,

you can expect to to be a master at Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads:
The Complete Step-by-Step Masterclass

Course Content

Section 1 - Introduction

Introduction (1 min)

Why Use Facebook Ads? (4 mins)

Make Sure to Read the Policies First… (4 mins)

Join Our Exclusive Facebook Group!

Section 2 - Creating Our First Ad Account

Why Use Facebook Business Manager (4 mins)

Creating the Facebook for Business Account (8 mins)

A Quick Note About the Facebook Ads Interface… (1 min)

Creating Our Facebook Page (8 mins)

Section 3 - Creating Our Facebook Page

Make Sure You Do This First… (2 mins)

Designing Our Facebook Page (25 mins)

What Is Conversion Tracking & Why Is It important? (2 mins)

Section 4 - Conversion Tracking

Creating the Facebook Pixel In Our Account (3 mins)

Adding the Pixel to Our Website (8 mins)

Overview of the Account Layers (2 mins)

Section 5 - Creating Our Facebook Campaigns

Creating Our Facebook Ads Campaign (17 mins)

Creating Our Facebook Ads Ad Set (21 mins)

Creating Our Facebook Ad (13 mins)

How to Create Your Landing Page With Unbounce

2 Cool Ways to Make Our Ads Stand Out (4 mins)

How to Preview Our Ads (2 mins)

Section 6 - Audience Insights Tool

What Is the Audience Insights Tool & How to Use It (19 mins)

Section 7 - 2 Interest Targeting Approaches

Strategy #1: One Interest Per Ad Set (11 mins)

Strategy #2: Laserfocus Interest Targeting (5 mins)

How to Create a Conversion Objective Campaign (3 mins)

Section 8 - Other Campaign/Ad Types

How to Create a Dynamic Creative Ad (3 mins)

How to Create a Page Post Engagement Objective Campaign (4 mins)

How to Create a Page Like Campaign (3 mins)

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Section 9 - Thank You & Bonus Resources

Section 9 - Thank You & Bonus Resources

Facebook Ads: The Complete Step-by-Step Masterclass

Get your proven ads strategy set up and bringing in sales before you go to bed tonight.


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I followed your process and applied it to a different product. First day already made $150. Thank you so much for this content. It is life changing.

Marcus Belanic

Hi Ivan, this is Kekeli again. I told you the other day that I got my first sale following your tutorials. I’m glad to announce that I have a second sale… yaay! Thanks to you


That’s why I enrolled in Ivan’s courses. It gave me so much confidence in the digital marketing and affiliate marketing space in such a short time. The money paid is worth the time trying to learn it on your own.

Noel Ramirez

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