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Facebook Ads: How to Create Custom Conversions

by Ivan

Hey all! In this video I show you how to create custom conversions on Facebook ads.

This is a way to create an “audience list” similar to what the event pixel does, but I believe this is a better way to track since it allows you to mix and match different audiences together, being able to include people who visited a certain part of your site, and excluding people who visited other parts.

If for example you want to track how many people went to the checkout page but didn’t end up buying, you can create a custom conversion audience with this specific group of people.

So how would we accomplish this?

Pretty easily!

  1. First of all we need to add the Facebook pixel to all of our pages on our site. If you have a big website or a funnel, I would strongly suggest adding the Facebook pixel on immediately anyway, even if you aren’t planning on using it immediately because that will allow Facebook to still gather the data in the *background* while you are doing something else.Then when you are ready, you can simply create the custom conversions and your audiences will be created just like that, taking information from previous months.That being said, you would need to go to the “Events Manager” tab at the top left of your Facebook options bar. Once there, you would need to create a pixel if you haven’t done so already. I already had a pixel set up for my account, so I just clicked on “set up” at the top right and selected the “install code manually” option.

    Because we always do everything manually here of course and the point of my channel is to help you be able to do all this technical stuff on your own. 🙂

  2. Once you click on that, simply copy the code that is given to you, and paste it just before the ending /head tag of your website. As mentioned, don’t just place this code on one page, but rather place it on your entire website/funnel. This will allow Facebook to gather data while you are doing other things, regardless of whether you want to create the audiences now or not.Some website builders like ClickFunnels or WordPress give you the capability to add the pixel to the entire website/funnel right away, so definitely take advantage of that!Just remember that this specific code is different from the event code – the event code you need to put on the specific page you want to track the specific action on, whereas this code we are installed is the “general” code that just goes on every page.
  3. After we have done that, it is time to create our custom conversions!!You can click on “custom conversions” on the top left of your screen now, or the top right – both will get you to the same place.This will open up a window that will allow you to specify exact rules you want for how you want to create your custom conversions.This means you can add people that visited a certain page of your website, and exclude visitors that saw other parts. So in our case here, we included visitors who saw our home page (just simply clicked our ad taking them to the landing page basically), but did NOT sign up. We called this group the website leavers or bouncers, and people who did not convert.

    We can now retarget this specific group of people who we know have information about us, but did not sign up – so we can remarketing to them with perhaps a different marketing message.

Ideally we want to have a software that has a heatmap to track user activity on our website to see where visitors mostly flock to and what they find to be most important, but regardless, we can now retarget these people.

You can set up a conversion campaign now using this new custom conversion as your “conversion” metric.

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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