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Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson – Summary/Review

by Ivan

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In this video, I wanted to share with you my take on the book ‘Expert Secrets’ by Russell Brunson by providing a quick summary and my review.

This book has a ton of similar content from the Affiliate Bootcamp, free 100 day training for affiliates guiding them and offering suggestions for how to sell.

Is a book about how to create a mass movement of people through the way you, as a leader, will interact with the people. Looks at leaders worldwide in history, good or bad that stirred up emotions in people and created a following and cult-ture.

Perfect for any form of marketing since people buy from people and you will be that leader whom others look up to.

Based on the premise that you are good at SOMETHING and can offer that to teach people that something. Even if you are shy and humble and don’t think you are good at anything, you are still probably good at something, which may even be totally unrelated to a field you may think you are interested in. Some things that come really naturally to you don’t come so naturally to others.

The book teaches so many different things, it’s hard to keep them organized (unlike our previous review of ‘Influence: Persuasion of Psychology’ which only has 6 principles), but here are some of the things it teaches you:

– 3 things every mass movement has (and therefore how you can apply this to create YOUR mass movement)

– 3 things every good story has – how to tell a story in an interesting way that engages the audience

– How to structure and communicate in a webinar

In short, this book teaches you how to sell.

3 things every mass movement has:

1. Charismatic leader

2. Cause/future

3. Vehicle for change

Improvement is hard; desire vs. ambition; memories of past decisions

3 Things Every Good Story Has

1) Character – victim, in jeopardy, likable, funny, powerful – pick 2

2) Desire

3) Conflict

Looks at numerous examples in movies/stories to show this point. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc… Achievement or transformation is what matters.

Also teaches you HOW to actually tell the story – don’t just lay out the facts and start from the beginning – to capture the attention of the audience, start from the climax, the most interesting section, and then build your way from the beginning to here.

Don’t just write down facts such as ‘I came home, saw my wife collapsed, and called the cops’, but write out all the emotions associated, such as ‘When I came home, I felt an odd sensation that something was wrong. The hair on the back of my neck stood out and I immediately felt cold. I peeked around the wall and started trembling. What I saw next was unimaginable. My loving, caring, dearest wife was lying down on the floor pale as a ghost’.

I just made this up on the spot, but you can see how much more powerful this is than just laying out the facts. Make the audience FEEL you.

This skill will help you everywhere in life as well – writing a book, talking with your friends, and of course selling and writing good email autoresponders.

In summary, these are some of the main things covered in the book (at least for me based on my notes), but I do recommend it.

I absolutely hate and despise time-wasters and people who claim they will teach you and then spend 5% teaching and the other 95% of the time spewing useless crap I already know.

This book is definitely not one of those. Every minute is useful and like mentioned earlier, has a TON of useful pointers and tips you can apply yourself.

If you are interested, definitely check out the free book (plus S&H) or the affiliate bootcamp, or both (don’t make the same mistake I did – I would recommend getting the affiliate bootcamp now since you only get 1 new lesson per day, so let it start now).

If you want to sell and make an impact in the online marketing world, definitely a recommendation.

That’s it!

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