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Easily TRIPLE Your Google/Microsoft Ads CTR With This Simple Addition

by Ivan

Not getting the CTR (click-through rate) you want? Watch this entire video to learn how to TRIPLE your Google or Microsoft Ads CTR in less than 5 minutes with a simple addition to your ads.

Watch behind my shoulder and let’s go through this together step-by-step.

Keep on reading or watch the following video to learn more:


Part 1: Examples

Head over to Google and type in the name of any product or brand.

Chances are the ads utilize some ad extensions that increase the visibility of that ad and make it more likely that you’ll click on it.

For example if you type in “ClickMagick”, you’ll come across a ClickMagick ad that has at least 4 sitelink extensions that take up the space of an entire ad.

These are my favorite extensions because they take up the most space by far.

Another type of extension you might see is the callout extension.

This one just adds words or phrases to the end of your Google Ads description.

Again, you don’t have to get hella creative here – this just takes up more space and allows your ad to be seen more easily.

Another one of my favorites is the structured snippet extension.

This also gets added to the end of your description after the callouts and is grouped together by a descriptive word of your choice, such as “type” or “category”, and so on.

This is great if you are listing what products someone will get after signing up to your program, or what ingredients are added to a specific product.

Main thing is that this just takes up space.

There are many other extensions available, such as the price and promotion extension which help increase visibility, but depending on your product, it might or might not make sense for you to use them.

But all these extensions add up to drastically increase the CTR of your Google or Microsoft Ads. Let’s go to the next part.


Part 2: My own campaigns’ stats

I took some screenshots to show you guys exactly how much of a difference these extensions make.

For one of my campaigns, my average ad CTR is about 8.8%, and the CTR for sitelinks is 27%!

As you can see, that’s over 3x the CTR.

I go over some other examples showing another sitelink extension and structured snippet extension.

Regardless of extension, I do see big increases in the click-through rate.

It’s important to note that these extensions will not ALWAYS show up in your ads – only when space allows for it.

However it definitely doesn’t hurt to just create the extensions just in case and when they DO show up, they will drastically increase the amount of clicks you’re going to get to your landing page.

Let’s move on to the final part of this increasing CTR in Google or Microsoft Ads tutorial.


Part 3: How to set these extensions up

The process is pretty much the same in Google Ads as it is in Microsoft Ads… so in this video I primarily focus on Google Ads.

Simply select the campaign and the ads you want to create the extensions for and then click on “Ad extensions’.

From here, you will have the choice to select what extension(s) you want to add – be it sitelink, structured snippet, callout, etc…

If you want to learn more about ALL the extension types for Google or Microsoft Ads, check out my courses.

👉 Paid ad network courses

My top 3 favorite extensions that I always use across every single one of my campaigns are the sitelink, callout and structured snippet extensions.

Depending on what I’m promoting, I also utilize the promotion and price extensions. Microsoft Ads has an “Action” extension which is really cool that Google unfortunately doesn’t.

This just adds a little button to the right of your ad which takes people to your website upon being clicked on.

Either way, you just select the extension you want to add and fill in the blanks.

The sitelink extensions say that you have to have a different URL for every sitelink, however you can use the exact same URL, but just take people to a different part of the page. You don’t have to use a completely different URL for every different sitelink.

You can add more than 4 sitelinks, however only 4 will be active at one time and Google will rotate the rest.

And that’s how you increase your CTR in Google or Microsoft Ads!


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