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ClickMagick: How to Pass Query Strings to Track Conversions on the Back-End

by Ivan

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to pass through query strings from your initial landing page to the last page of your funnel.

This is useful because sometimes if you are promoting products like those on MaxBounty or ClickBank, you may want to see the results inside of their network as well, especially if they don’t allow you to track sales via tracking pixels or postback URLs.

In this case, I use the ClickFunnels affiliate program as an example because they don’t allow you to track sales via postback URLs or pixels, but they do contain a report you can download to see who signed up for an account and therefore is a ‘conversion’ to you.

If you haven’t checked out my previous videos on passing through click-IDs and such, I would recommend you do to get accustomed to what we are doing, since the process here is basically the same.

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Essentially, when people click on your tracking link for your landing page, it will usually come with some additional tokens, such as the {keyword} token if using a search network if you have added them to your tracking link that people click on.

That Sub-ID would then be stored under that click in ClickMagick.

The issue is that this Sub-ID would only be stored here and nowhere else – so if the user then goes from your landing page to the ClickFunnels affiliate sales page, your ClickFunnels report will not show you where the conversion came from.

So what we need to do here is to add query strings to our links so that this very same Sub-ID gets passed through successfully from page to page until it reaches that ClickFunnels sales page.

To do that, all you need to do is simply add the following query string to the end of all of your pages that you own IF there is no query string already present:


and so on – you can add up to 5 Sub-IDs, but ClickFunnels only uses 2, so there is no point using more than that unless you want to see the data inside of ClickMagick only, in which case you don’t even need to pass through these query strings.

If there is ALREADY a query string present in your URLs, then just make the query string like this:


using the amersand symbol rather than the question mark.

On the affiliate sales page, you need to see what parameter they use to store the Sub-IDs.

For ClickFunnels, it is something like ‘aff_sub=’, so just write the [s1] token to the end of it since that’s what you pass through.

That is pretty much on the ClickMagick end.

Now we have to go to our funnel pages and make the changes there.

First off, make sure that you add the Javascript code as shown in the video to all the pages you control. This is to ensure that the Sub-ID gets passed through – otherwise it will not.

You can find the account by just typing in ‘Javascript’ into the ClickMagick FAQ and opening the 2nd FAQ you find and copying the link they gave you.

Then, just make sure to send people to the next page but include the query strings in the URL.

So on the thank you page URL, make sure you have the correct query string added as shown up above.

If you want to use a tracking link instead, then make sure to add ‘/[s1]/[s2]’ to the end of your tracking link.

Note that this link will not work by itself – it will only work if you are passing down the Sub-ID.

Now that you have done this, the setup is complete – all you need to do now is to check your work and ensure that the Sub-IDs are being passed through successfully.

Your specific case may be different and you may not use ClickFunnels/GetResponse/ClickMagick, but what I show here is the correct way to pass through query strings, so the idea will be the same regardless of what you use.

That’s it!

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