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ClickMagick: How to Pass a Click ID Through an Optin Page (/w GetResponse Autoresponder Integration)

by Ivan

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to set up your lead capture page so that you can pass the click ID through from your optin page all the way to the affiliate offer.

This specific video is about optin pages, not to be confused with landing pages, which just have a link sending people to the next page without any email capture field.

I covered how to pass the click ID through a landing page in the previous video, so if you are unsure about any points in this video, I would recommend you check out that video here (video 25 in the playlist):

With an email optin page, passing the click ID is not as simple as just including a link to the next URL in the email submit button. There is a third party integration here, so we do need to edit a ‘hidden URL’ in order to make this integration work.

Furthermore, you can’t just send people from an optin page directly to the affiliate offer – if you do that, then the sale will be attributed to the link that has the [clickid] token in it, which would be the affiliate offer tracking link – so if you sent traffic first to the optin page before sending people to the affiliate offer, then you won’t be able to see what Sub-IDs, or in your case, keywords, etc… contributed to the sale – which is the main component of tracking when determining what works and what doesn’t.

For this reason, we must have the click ID register first on our optin page before passing it on to the affiliate offers, and that is exactly what I show you how to do here via ClickMagick.

To do that, there are 3 things we have to do, exactly the same as in our previous video.

They can be done in any order. They are:

1) Add the Javascript code before the ending body tag of all the pages you want to pass the click ID through that you control.

In ClickFunnels, we do that in the footer section, and the code basically converts the click ID token into an actual click ID numerical value so that we can pass it through.

2) We need to add the query string (either with ? or & depending on whether there is a query string already present) saying s1=[clickid] to the end of our optin page tracking link primary URL.

3) We need to change the query string token for the affiliate offer tracking link from ‘?tid=[clickid]’ for ClickBank for example to ‘?tid=[s1]’, since the click ID value has already been generated.

Once we do that however, there are a few more things we have to do, specific to optin pages.

Basically you would need to go to the form builder inside of your autoresponder provider and make sure that you change the URL they provide you with the URL you want to take people to after they sign up on your optin page.

Then, in ClickFunnels, you would just add the custom integration for autoresponders by inputting that form that we just generated in, rather than using the automatic process you are so used to before.

But after you do that, the steps are the same and the passing of click IDs would be the same as mentioned in the previous video on the topic.

That’s it!

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