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How to Insert a Vimeo Video In ClickFunnels

by Ivan

Trying to add a Vimeo video in your ClickFunnels account?

It’s tough and for some reason not as easy as it should be…

But rest assured that in this post I’ll show you exactly what to do to make this work!

Keep on reading or just check out this video:

It may seem simple and straightforward, however the link provided to you by Vimeo doesn’t actually work, so you do have to make a little adjustment, and there is no documentation anywhere about how to make it work.

Basically, when you take the link provided to you by Vimeo, you need to delete the characters after the second slash.

So if you link is vimeo.com/1234/5677, you need to delete the “5677” and it will work.

That’s pretty much all there is to it.

That’s how you add a Vimeo video in ClickFunnels!

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Wish I could have made this post longer, but there’s nothing much to say, so go ahead and do that and your video should work right away. ?

That’s it!

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