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ClickBank + Google Ads Case Study – How to Build a PROFITABLE Campaign (Everything Revealed)

by Ivan

What can $67 get you on Google Ads promoting ClickBank products? Watch behind my shoulder and find out in this ClickBank case study as I show you everything.

I show you guys how much we made with $67 in ad spend, my exact landing page used, ads, keywords, extensions, you name it!

Keep on reading or watch this video to learn more:


Part 1: Results of the ClickBank case study

I show you the results of the case study first – we made about $250 USD and spent about $67 Canadian.

Usually you wouldn’t be so successful at the start and you will have to fine-tune and optimize before you start seeing profit.

But in this case we got a little lucky and showed some profits already even in our testing stage when we were just looking at keywords.

This means that there is demand for our product, so we just have to take action on the data that we gathered and improve it all the time.

We’ll get into optimization later on in this video, but you want to look at winning keywords, querystrings, devices, networks, etc… and put more focus on the winning variables and take out the losing variables.

Most of the campaigns you begin with will not be profitable and that’s OK – just keep on going and improving.


Part 2: Landing page overview

The landing page I used is pretty much the exact same landing page we created in our earlier video on how to “almost” direct link affiliate products on Google Ads.

You can see that post here:

👉 How to “almost” direct link affiliate products on Google Ads

I did make a few changes though.

I took the headline image used by Ted’s sales page and used some images in the sales page.

I did ask for permission from the vendor before doing this, and whenever you are taking anything from the vendor’s page, you should always ask unless the affiliate page explicitly says you can.

Everything else was pretty much the same. I took maybe 15-30 minutes to change up some of these variables on the page and that’s it.

One thing I did add to track how many people clicked through to the vendor’s sales page is adding a little redirect page.

You can get this redirect code yourself from this ClickMagick article:

👉 ClickMagick redirect code

Just make sure to select “Campaigns” from the tab at the top.

Let’s keep going with this ClickBank case study on Google Ads!


Part 3: ClickBank case study ads, keywords and extensions overview

Next, we looked at the exact ads, keywords and extensions that I used for this case study.

The only difference between keywords used here and Microsoft Ads is that I switched to using exact match keywords – I found they work better with Google specifically just because Google hides a LOT of search terms from you and using exact match keywords makes it easier to tell what someone typed in to trigger your ad.

For the ad, the main keyword is in headline 1, call to action in headline 2, and description, same as shown in all my other videos.

If you want more details on how to set up a campaign from start to finish, I’d suggest you take a look at my Google Ads course on my site:

👉 Paid ad network courses

But I just made some ads for 3 separate ad groups, added relevant keywords, and added ad extensions to make the ads stand out more.

But let’s move on to the last part of this ClickBank case study + optimization tutorial.


Part 4: Optimization

This is where we look at the data and decide what we want to remove and keep.

We are using ClickMagick for optimization here…

Not sure how to set up and use ClickMagick Campaigns? Take a look at this video:

👉 How to set up ClickMagick Campaigns

You want to go down the list of keywords and separate the “winning” keywords that got you sales from ones that didn’t.

Winning keywords you want to place in their own separate ad groups and losing ones you want to just pause and not use any more.

After optimizing for sales, you can optimize for actions – ie. people that landed on your redirect page.

And that’s the ClickBank case study on Google Ads!


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