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Buysellads – Most Likely SCAM – Beware

by Ivan

Hello everyone!

In this video, I wanted to turn your attention towards a possibly scammy website called ‘buysellads.com’, which promises to show your banners on any blogs/sites of your choice, supposedly.

What happened to me, is that I signed up for an account here and wanted to try this out and promote my product with my banners.

I received an email within 24 hours stating that the owner of the blog has accepted my banner and site. I thought ‘OK, great, I should see my banner working it’s magic within a few hours’. But then within an hour, I received another email… stating that Buysellads has CLOSED my account, and ‘refunded me’ my money back, which was about $50 USD, or $65 Canadian. After about 3 days, I checked my bank account and noticed that I did get most of my money refunded, about $63 Canadian, due to the fluctuating exchange rate. Did they wait and then hit and run with the exchange rate fluctuation? Or did I just get really unlucky?

At this point, you may be thinking that my site or banner looked and/or were very scammy themselves. However, there were 3 things with this email that bothered me most:

1) The owner of the blog initially approved my banner and website. Why would they approve it if they have thousands if not more subscribers and visitors seeing their page every day (at least supposedly) and my banner and site were very scammy?

2) My site was approved on all the major traffic networks – Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, and of course Google. These guys are very, very strict, especially in the health care area (I am doing weight loss), and if my site really did look scammy and fishy, these networks would have absolutely no trouble shutting me down and even suspending me. But my site was approved with the snap of a finger, so the fact that Buysellads simply closed my account as though I’m the biggest scammer in the world seems very suspicious.

3) This is probably the biggest issue here. There is absolutely NO communication with Buysellads. You try e-mailing them, calling them, leaving messages, and you receive NO reply. I send them about 10 different messages and emails, from different addresses and locations, and received no reply. I asked them questions about their business, about how I can become their partner, in addition to those regarding my closed account – just in case they refused to answer because ‘I’m such a big scammer, they shouldn’t even TALK to me’. But no, no matter what I wrote, they did not reply. Is this a way to treat a customer who wants to spend money with them? Again, seems rather suspicious.

When you call them over the phone, the automated machine there immediately tells you to just email them, or speak to a particular person from the directory. I did reach out to several ‘people’ from the directory, but again all I heard were automated voicemails, and when I did leave them messages using a variety of names and topics, no one replied back to me.

It’s been about 3 weeks since this happened and still no contact. Seems rather odd.

I also looked up some reviews online and found that other people have been having the same troubles with this ‘traffic source’. I would not trust them, and would recommend you stay away from them as well.

If you have any experience with Buysellads, please leave a comment down below and let’s tackle this issue together. I hate scammers and people who lie and cheat by taking from others. I have already reported them to the Canadian and United States website fraud authorities, so if you have or had issues with them in the past, put it down in the comments below and let’s close these guys down.

That’s it!

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