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Automation Workflow Made Simple

by Ivan

Hey everyone!

At first glance, this automation workflow feature in GetResponse may look extremely, extremely, daunting.

BUT! Have no fear, Ivan is here!

In this video, I really just want to break down this automation workflow for you in easy-to-understand terms and show you exactly how easy and extremely effective it can be.

The first thing we need to do though is to REMOVE our subscribers from list A to list B after they bought the item through ClickBank.

We have done this integration with ClickBank in our last video, and basically as soon as someone buys something on ClickBank, they will be automatically added into our campaign list for people who bought. BUT, they need to also be removed from the previous campaign A so that they stop receiving our sales offers and promotions for that particular item.

So what I have done on the automation workflow is basically created a condition ‘when person subscribers to campaign B’ and then an action ‘they will be removed from campaign A’ and linked the two. As can be seen in the video, now whenever someone buys an item, they will automatically be removed from the first campaign they joined.

There are many such conditions and actions you can also input other than this in the automation workflow as well, such as ‘when person opens email A, send him email B’, which allows you to target particular subscribers who engage in a certain action.

Another example is if someone clicks on a link or opens a particular email, you can tag those people for future reference. That way, if you want to send out an email newsletter to a particular GROUP of people, you can do so with the tag feature!

And you know what, you don’t need to use this if you have over 10,000 subscribers. You can use this even if you have 2 subscribers. Start with a small number, get the pattern going, and move from there. If you want to really make a personal impression on your subscribers, you can create a condition on automation workflow that enables you to automatically send out a happy birthday email to everyone whenever that day comes. So awesome, isn’t it?!

So be sure to check out the video and some of the features, I make it really, really easy for you to understand and start using on your own!

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