Ready to kickstart your life of freedom?

Make money while you sleep, without blowing your budget, using successful automated campaigns.

Using this proven system you could be earning $3500 or more every week.

Are you tired of hearing lines like this:

Make Millions Overnight!

Youtubers you follow say they make thousandsof dollars…

When you try to follow their advice, you hit challenges and get no answers.

Courses you take slow-drip content and make you wait for access and still never show you the whole picture.

No matter what products you pick or landing pages you build, you never get more than a few clicks.

You’re killing yourself wondering if your campaigns are set up wrong…or if you
are just throwing money away on ads. Something must be wrong - but you have no idea WHAT to fix.

It’s infuriating!

Pretty soon you’re wondering if affiliate marketing
is just a big scam.

It’s hard - but know this…

Despite the obstacles you may have faced so far, it is possible to create campaigns that grab attention and make you sales, without:

Spending more than a few hours a day on campaigns

In fact, when you know how to set campaigns to run on autopilot all you need is just 2-3 hours a day to tweak campaigns and turn them into lean, mean sale driving machines.

Wasting hours on the internet trying to cobble together a winning campaign

When you follow the complete system I share you can start making money right away. No more lost hours watching tutorials on double-speed.

Throwing away thousands of dollars on courses that don’t deliver

I did this and paid the price! That’s why I promise to show you each step of my process in close-up detail, so you won’t ever be left confused and scratching your head. Build your campaigns along with me in real-time.

Being a tech geek

If you can turn on a computer, you’re good to go. Seriously. I provide all the platforms and know-how you need to make great campaigns.

Any amazing design or copywriting skills

In affiliate marketing less is more, so you only need a few reliable, tried-and- tested design and copywriting frameworks to attract buyers.

Losing lots of money on failing ads

Most people think affiliate marketing is free to start. It isn’t. That’s why I recommend using paid ads if you want to grow fast. If you have a steady source of income then you have what you need to test, tweak and experiment like the pros. Then you can double or triple your returns because you know how to identify your best ads before you scale.

Setting up successful campaigns that pay for themselves and make you thousands of dollars does not have to be complicated, frustrating or time-consuming.

When you use my Three-step Ladder Approach I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process I use to set up campaigns that make me thousands each week. By the end of the program, you’ll be able to:

Use a reliable process, repeatedly

Pick products that buyers can’t wait to click

Use an easy conversion system that speeds buyers successfully towards purchase, so you make more on each click

Decode a campaign’s weak spots, so you know exactly what and how to make adjustments and explode your sales

Consistently get clicks from your campaigns so that you move towards that life of freedom you desire.

I can promise you that if you can commit just a few hours a day and follow the program as I suggest, all of this is within reach for you. You too could be making $3,500+ every week.

When you have completed Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you will be able to:

Trust your process

Stop second-guessing your strategy. Know how to research products and create campaigns that look and sound compelling.

Make ads that convert

The meat of a winning campaign is in paid ads. You’ll confidently set up ads on multiple platforms, to reach more qualified leads and attract more clicks.

Scale and automate

Affiliate marketing success lies in testing. You’ll have a proven system to optimize and scale your best-performers so you consistently crush the competition.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery gives you have a proven system to scale and replicate your success again and again.

No more crawling the internet for hours looking for hacks that promise to save your campaign. No more wondering why your campaign isn’t converting. If you want a step-by-step approach that leaves no stone unturned then Affiliate Marketing Mastery is the course for you.

Did we meet yet?

I’m Ivan. Five years ago I was in exactly the same position as you are now…

Determined to find out how people make a living from online affiliate marketing

Tired of my first campaigns bringing in dismal results

Disappointed by all the gurus telling me how easy online
marketing was, but never showing me how to do it so I actually got results.

Ready and willing to devote time (and savings) on building successful campaigns so I could quit working in an office forever.

I had a slow start. But I cracked it. Today my campaigns make me money on autopilot, while I watch a movie or go out to eat.

If I go on holiday, I don’t even bring my laptop. I log back in when I get home and my sales are still pouring in.


I want this for you too.


I want you to avoid all the hours and thousands of dollars I wasted.


That’s why I offer honest advice and over-the-shoulder tutorials so you can see exactly how I build high-performing campaigns.

Get ready to enjoy the same level of freedom I do.

Introducing the most extensive, detail-oriented training for

online affiliate marketing using paid ads.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Get my actual tools and the strategies I use to build campaigns that save you time and make you money.

This is what happens for my students when they replace ads mystery with ads mastery…

Climb each step of my Three-Step Ladder
Approach with me and get more clicks

Step 1

First Clicks Fast
Get a headstart setting up successful campaigns, including product picking, testing, tracking and tweaking. With the strategies in Step 1 it’s entirely possible to get your first clicks in just a few hours.

Step 2

Scale for Success
In this phase, we build out your initial campaigns with customised landing pages and domains. You’ll also push campaigns out across more networks to increase your profits

Step 3

Build Audience & Authority
You started strong, now finish stronger. Edit and refine your campaigns, plus launch opt-ins, emails and tracking to generate ongoing long-term revenue. Watch all those clicks convert into thousands of dollars.

What’s included in Affiliate
Marketing Mastery?

60 on-demand, in-depth trainings

In this program we use Clickbank to set up real campaigns, but these strategies deliver excellent results on any affiliate platform you prefer.

Works with any affiliate network

In this program we use Clickbank to set up real campaigns, but these strategies deliver excellent results on any affiliate platform you prefer.

Community & Support

Join the AMM group to get all your questions answered, no matter where you are in the class. Get personal responses from Ivan, and tips and insights from other members.

Master paid ads

Ads are the trickiest part of affiliate marketing. The truth is, most new affiliate marketers walk away before they master them.. Now you can sit in on sessions that show you all the elements needed for a successful ad, including powerful selling psychology, user intent, compelling copywriting and attention-grabbing images.

Why not take a closer look?

Here’s every step in the Affiliate
Mastery process.

Get prepped

Take a tour of Ivan’s dashboard and see how he is making $5,000+ a month from affiliate marketing, plus what you need to know to get the same results.

Set your foundation

Check out the different routes you can take to make money with affiliate marketing, and use Ivan’s recommendations to get started yourself. Discover the best beginner-friendly ad network, and why paid ads beat organic if you want to see results fast.

Step 1: First clicks fast

In Step 1 of the ladder system, we cover how to pick products that consumers click. Explore how to create ads that stand out from the crowd, and how to read your results so you know what to refine before you scale.

Modules in Step 1 include:


In step 2 of the ladder system, you learn how to build out a landing page and set up tracking so that you can take people through your own website before sending them off to the affiliate offer.

Modules in Step 2 include:


In step 3 of the ladder system, you learn how to build a long-term business by adding an email list to your landing page so that you can collect leads and always have access to an engaged audience.

Modules in Step 3 include:

And Lots and Lots of Case Studies!

Using this proven system you could be
earning $3500 or more every week.

Are you ready to get started?

Enroll in Affiliate
Marketing Mastery today.

Here is what my students tell me..

Hi Ivan! I wanted to let you know that I started a new set of ads on Bing/Microsoft today. This was my third attempt and I learned a lot with the first two attempts. So I went back, rewatched some of the videos again, and within 2 hours I had…. 2 SALES!!! I am so excited and I wanted to share it with you. I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for all your help!

Jacqueline Rankin

Hey Ivan! I dabbled with ClickBank for months now. Watching your case studies inspired me. So I took action and I’m proud to say that today I got my first ever sale on ClickBank. Thank you for all your hard work!


Hey Ivan, I’m not even kidding, but just 1 day after applying what you told me I got 3 more sales and turned $100 into $400+ in revenue. I didn’t realize these small things make the biggest difference. It’s truly crazy how much I’ve learned and done in the past 4 weeks.

Mahad Harun

Thank you so much for being so genuinely helpful and forth coming with your strategies. I have spent so much time and money listening to the ‘Clickbank gurus” give censored guidance, only to be disappointed in the end with no sales. I just made my VERY first sale on Clickbank thanks to your guidance! Truly appreciate your transparency.

Cindy Peguero

Sure. You could keep trying to piece together a successful campaign by yourself.

In fact, there’s tons of information on the Internet just waiting for you.

I know that most people reading this will decide to do just that. But those people will continue to struggle. They will continue to be disappointed by the strategies they try. Confused by the conflicting advice. Frustrated when results don’t match expectations. Their dreams for a life free of a day job will remain just a dream. They will stay in the same exact place they are now:

As an AMM member, you get to avoid all of that indecision, uncertainty and disappointment

Why waste another minute piecing together a
campaign strategy you aren’t 100% sure works?

When you could get a proven system up and running today?

You ask…
I answer…

This class will definitely help you learn affiliate marketing and make money online, HOWEVER, it is not a “magic pill” that you can take to make money overnight… Success is 100% dependent on your own hands, so the course will give you the template and the tools necessary to succeed – how you apply those is up to you.

No, this class is tailored specifically for beginners, but even if you find that this course is too advanced for you (which shouldn’t be the issue), you can always come back to it later – there are no monthly subscription fees – it’s a one-time purchase that you can use anytime!

As soon as you are making enough money from online marketing to sustain yourself. DO NOT quit your job in the “hopes” that you will be making money online the next day and be self-sufficient. Keep your full- or part-time job to have consistent income for your marketing until you are comfortable enough with ONLY your online marketing income.

I like paid ads because it’s the quickest way to make money online. The other approach is terrific, but takes time, sometimes it can be half a year to a year before you start seeing any sort of results. This is why I recommend that you have a full- or part-time job so that you have a steady stream of income to spend on ads.

 As much time as possible – personally, I worked about 10-12 hours every single day for months on affiliate marketing before I started seeing results, but you can be faster than me and see results sooner. If you can devote 1 hour a day on this every day consistently, that’s already great.

You can see the course syllabus on the main course page at: This will tell you everything that is included in this course.

"Take It & Make It"

30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with your purchase for whatever reason, I will happily offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. Certain terms and conditions apply, read more by clicking the button below.

If you are already dreaming of quitting your job, working just a few hours a day and living a life of freedom - AND you are committed to doing it with affiliate marketing, why wait?

That passion and persistence makes you an ideal candidate for Affiliate Marketing Mastery, and I can’t wait to welcome you inside.

Get what you need today to make your campaigns a success, with an expert who wants that for you too.