What’s so special about January 1st, 2017?

That was the first time I ever typed the words

“What is affiliate marketing?” into Google

It took me months
to get a sale…

but when it finally happened, I was hooked!

I worked 12-hour days educating myself. I watched hundreds of tutorials. I took dozens of courses.

And to be honest? What annoyed me - and still annoys me - is how most instructors spent 95% of their time talking about completely irrelevant and useless things.

Right? 5-hour classes filled with 4 hours and 45 minutes of absolute, off-topic nonsense.

No wonder it took me so long to make any sales.

Yet, deep inside, I still believed the hype was real. I still believed I could make thousands with affiliate marketing.

So, instead of getting a job and paying off my college loans, I stayed home. I set up new campaigns. I tested campaigns. Tried new offers. New copywriting. Bid on different words. I tested, tested, tested until…

…my system blew up with sales.

Today, I make $3500 plus every week from affiliate campaigns.

I worked day and night so you don't have to!

Are you in a rush to leave your job? Don’t have a dime to your name? Dream of travelling the world and working to your own schedule?


Press pause!


The life you dream of is 100% possible. But unlike what most so-called experts will tell you, it doesn’t happen overnight.


First, you need to perfect your system. I’ll show you how to make consistent cash flow every week.

No BS. No fake claims. Just the exact system I use, shown to you step-by-step.

Don’t just listen to me

Here’s what my students say…

As you well know, starting with affiliate marketing from scratch can be extremely intimidating and difficult for someone with no previous experience but your videos made it easy! So easy that today I set up my Microsoft bing account and in less than an hour after completing it, after my first 16 clicks – I spent $7 – I had my first sale and made $200!

Carlos Ascencio​

Thank you so much for being so genuinely helpful _and forthcoming with your strategies. I have spent so much time and money listening to “Clickbank Gurus” give censored guidance, only to be disappointed in the end with no sales. Now I just made my VERY first sale on Clickbank thanks to your guidance. Truly appreciate your transparency.

Cindy Peguero

You opened my eyes to affiliate marketing, and for that, I’m forever grateful to you. You inspired me to try new strategies and keep pushing and that helped me make $25,000+ with Clickbank. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have that much money.

Abdeljbbar Benaddi

Since you appreciate good honest advice

Four things you MUST know if you are serious about making money with affiliate marketing.

It’s totally possible to get clicks on campaigns the day they go live.

You need no special tech know-how to succeed with affiliate marketing. All you need is a computer.

You have to test and experiment if you want to make good money (despite what other experts may say).

Be ready to spend money to make money. You need at least a few hundred dollars to get a good start with affiliate marketing.

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