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5 Unbounce Features That Will Lead to Better Conversions | Unbounce Features

by Ivan

unbounce-features-jpgYou need a direct way to reach your audience, but don’t want to get into the hassle of building a website from the ground-up. You want to create an engaging page that gives you more visitor traffic and better potential conversions. 

Unbounce wants to help with your marketing needs. We’ll make your job easier by providing you with useful tools and resources to start creating custom landing pages. With our special features, you’ll be able to draw a larger audience with a focused goal without leaving them distracted on a website. No coding or developers required. 

Before checking out some Unbounce features, let’s go over some key Unbound features that will help you achieve your marketing needs and achieve better conversions. 


Landing Pages

With relevant messaging and a simple way of communication, a landing page can be crucial to netting that one person you’re trying to reach. They can be designed to be engaging and eye-catching with just enough information to fill people in. Plus, you can smoothly add them to your own domain website and add any necessary custom functions. 

We offer a variety of templates to work off from (more on that in a bit) as landing pages are our specialty. You simply have to drag and drop any text or image you want to use. They get the point across clearly and your visitors can browse whatever you have to offer with relative ease. 


Popups and Sticky Bars 

Our popups and sticky bars help you present the right offers to the right people and can lead to better overall conversions. You can put them in any part of your website to spread the word about what you are doing. 

Popups target the people you want to engage with and you can customize not only how they look, but when and where they appear, based on your visitor’s actions. From there, it’ll be easy to share any new promotions or limited-time deals you may have. You can also personalize popups and sticky bars and control how often they show up. 

For something more subtle, sticky bars are the mobile-friendly alternative if you want to post your messages to the top or bottom of any page. These stay with your visitors as they scroll, so they can keep any deals or offers in mind. 


Integrated Apps

Want to punch up your landing page even more? You can add your favourite apps with Unbounce to save time and minimize repetitive tasks. It’ll not only be useful to you but also if someone wants to contact you. 

We have a variety of integrated apps to use, ranging from Gmail and Slack to social media platforms like Facebook. We’ve got you covered for whatever app you need for your landing page. 


Product Security

Protecting your business data and private information should be a priority that needs to be addressed. Unbounce has been a compliant GDPR platform with proper processes and documentation in place. 

We’ll protect your data using not only strong passwords and two-factor authentication but also domain protection and designed data privacy. 


Our Diverse Templates

Many of our templates have unique designs that utilize different colour schemes, palettes, and shapes. You can use our easy drag and drop design system to build a landing page from a blank canvas. Or you can alter an existing template to fit your needs. Whatever you choose to do, we have a vast selection to get you started. 


Unbounce Is Here to Help 

Want to try out some of our features? We’ve got a 14-Day Free Trial to help you start building the best landing pages out there. You’ll have access to our exceptional and easy-to-use services to market your brand. 

Most importantly, using Unbounce gives you the power to customize and design pages on your own accord. Now go out there and transform clicks on your site into genuine engagement and conversion. 

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