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Here is what some people say after watching my content...

Now I’m earning more than $500/day


I just wanted to … say thank you for all your videos. I began affiliate marketing in June 2022, somewhat skeptical, and now I’m earning more than $500/day (check out my chart attached)… this is something that will carry on for months to come.


Alvenh Channe

I tested your system… he gets super profitable leads


Ivan, just wanted to say thanks for putting out all the videos and the Google Ads training. I tested your system on my friend’s tax business for Google Search. He gets super profitable leads on FB for $6 and he’s getting them on Google for $1.57. So thank you very much!


Sean Mysel

I got 3 more sales and turned $100 into $400+ in revenue


Hey Ivan, I’m not even kidding, but just 1 day after applying what you told me I got 3 more sales and turned $100 into $400+ in revenue. I didn’t realize these small things make the biggest difference. It’s truly crazy how much I’ve learned and done in the past 4 weeks.


Mahad Harun

Within 2 hours I had… 2 SALES!!! I am so excited


Hi Ivan! I wanted to let you know that I started a new set of ads on Bing/Microsoft today. This was my third attempt and I learned a lot with the first two attempts. So I went back, rewatched some of the videos again, and within 2 hours I had…. 2 SALES!!! I am so excited and I wanted to share it with you. I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for all your help!


Jacqueline Rankin

Enough already…

Are you tired of online gurus selling you myths and scams?

They said you could make sales the day you signed up to their course.

They promised you could give up your day job and make money while you sleep.

And when you bought the course, what did you get?

Upsells, fluff, plus “all talk and no show.”

Know how I know?

Because I bought them too.

You should know…

Making money online
is 100% possible.

I do it every day. I’ve replaced my full-time income with affiliate sales. I really do make money while I sleep. But getting here was a long, hard slog.

I invested tens of thousands of dollars and crushed 12 hour days trying to get it right. Scams. Misleading information. Disappointing courses. They did nothing but slow me down. I almost gave up.

Then I finally cracked the code and knew I had to share. My advice is uncensored and realistic, so you won’t feel defeated before you see success.

I’m Ivan, by the way. Learn more about me


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